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Our Team


SAYES believes in catering to patrons who enjoy their good food to the last bite and cherish it for a lifetime.


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Team Work

Sayes has aboard two highly experienced passionate chef and highly skilled team.

Our Chefs

Chef Ajay Devali

Executive Chef

With more than two decades as a culinary professional, Ajay's creativity and passion for food is definitely visible and sets a benchmark for himself as well as Sayes. Ajay has acquired immense experience across a diverse arena spanning cruise lines, hotels, flight services and restaurants. Ajay's expertise lies in creating productive work environments which are well streamlined in terms of operation keeping in mind the quality, presentation and service.

Quoting Ajay, "Across my twenty two years of professional experience, I have done my level best to deliver recipe designs which suit the palate of the customers while staying profitable. On the personal front, I hope people relish my dishes with the same gusto with which I create and cook them."

Chef Vilas Shetkar

Sous Chef

Chef Vilas Shetkar, comes with an accumulated experience of nearly two decades in the world of fine cooking, he is an expert in Thai, Mexican, Continental and Italian cuisine. His favorite ingredients include organic vegetables, olives and Italian herbs…and he is the reason why our pastas taste out of the world….our pasta sauces and seasonings are prepared with true culinary passion for offering the right punch of aroma and flavor.

He loves experimenting and innovating new dishes and flavors. Along with cooking, he loves to teach how to cook healthy delicious meals. An extrovert by nature, he likes to interact with his guests at personal level and relates with their meal experiences. In fact, he could engage you in conversations relating to the flavor, taste, aroma and even presentation of his signature dishes.

Chef Vilas has even received training from the renowned culinary schools across the world and has acquired immense experience by working with top chefs amongst India as well as the globe.

Chef Vilas – "Culinary passion and art go hand in hand. You will be able to deliver your dishes with panache when you are able to strike a balance between both of them"