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Welcome to the world of SAYES, the fascinating world of food cooked by passionate culinary experts. On the other side, SAYES believes in catering to patrons who enjoy their good food to the last bite and cherish it for a lifetime. We are pretty sure, you too will SAYES when it comes to ordering food either for self or to be served at special occasions.

Hungry for a quick bite on way to work or while buried neck deep into work? Order a chicken burger or pasta from Sayes and get it delivered at your location in a few clicks for you can place your order at SAYES online.

Central Kitchen – Sayes Workplace

SAYES operates from a dedicated 'central kitchen, that specially designed keeping in mind the various processes involved in cooking meals at a commercial level. Keeping in mind the various nuances of food storage, preservation, cooking processes and final design and delivery of the food orders, at SAYES CENTRAL KITCHEN, you will find -

There is a separate storage area for each of these categories viz. raw vegetables, raw meat, herbs and condiments, cereals and pulses. This storage area is well maintained in terms on hygiene and cleanliness while ensuring the food stored is at suitable temperatures in order to retain their aroma, texture and freshness.

The cooking in the central kitchen is further divided on basis of clients eating preferences viz. Vegetarian and non vegetarian implying the best possible adherence to their preferences.

In terms of hygiene, you can rest assured that not only the actual cooking process is done in cleanest of environment but even the disposal of waste, and other products is undertaken in very defined manner while ensuring that the neither the waste or its remnants or traces are visible.

The chefs working in the kitchen are well trained and extremely professional in their work style and approach. They wear the requisite chef attire accompanied by chef's hat and use absolutely clean and fresh kitchen towels, accessories and kitchen appliances.

What is cooked at Sayes Central Kitchen?

The Sayes Central Kitchen specializes in offering not only Indian cuisine but also Asian, Oriental and International cuisine. Whether you are looking out for a quick brunch or a hearty meal, you can order them at SAYES and get them delivered right at your doorstep. Be it an exotic salad or biryani or an oriental curry or vegetable or non vegetarian dish or an international dish with a continental twist is now whipped up in the best possible manner using freshest of ingredients

Who cooks at Sayes?

Sayes has aboard two highly experienced passionate chef viz. Chef Ajay and Chef Vilas accompanied by a highly skilled team. With an accumulated experience in the culinary world, these chefs are experts in their own rights. You can definitely give them a try by ordering a meal or two from Sayes whenever the next opportunity arises.

So, let's get going and order food from Sayes – the best way to satiate your hunger pangs at affordable prices without compromising on quality and service.